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Welcome to the Some-Pony-Dreams!

Come and join me in my group!

Rules of the Group:

:bulletred: Submit to the Submission Folder. 1 vote from admins are required for all submissions.
:bulletred: Submit ONLY Finished work. If it looks to be unfinished, it will be declined. Also upload a clear, clean and cropped image of your work. I'm talking mostly about traditional work. Use a good camera to take a picture of your finished work.
:bulletred: If your submission was declined, DO NOT RESUBMIT IT! Don't think that another admin will approve it and if it did get through, I will remove it, because I make the final decision.
:bulletred:Please submit into the right folders. If we are missing a category please let us know.
:bulletred: The featured folder is open to members. Submission acceptance requires 3 votes. If it declined, resubmit to the appropriate folder. NO LITERATURE IN THE FEATURED FOLDER.
:bulletred: Don't submit all your stuff to the featured folder!! If you do, I'm more inclined to decline all of them, regardless of quality.
:bulletred: Show respect for each and every one of the members and their art.
:bulletred: Absolutely NO art theft!
:bulletred: No mature content (too much violence, gore, or sexual themes).
:bulletred: I will no longer take work done on notebook paper or lined paper. No sketches or linework . Some might be accepted, if it is very clean.
:bulletred: No pony creators or bases allowed. No ponies made from games. Original art only.
:bulletred: No spamming, which includes advertising that you do commissions. Contests are the exception, but just comment on the group with the link to your contest journal.
:bulletred:No humanized ponies, which includes drawn or Cosplay!Exception to this rule is if it is from Equestria Girls or OCs styled like Equestria Girls.
:bulletred: Rules may be added at a later date.

Folder Breakdown:

:bulletblue: Featured- Member's amazing MLP art pieces.
You may submit to this folder, but 2 votes of acceptance are required for approval. An admin will tell you to resubmit to the appropriate folder if it is not approved. Please don't be upset if it doesn't get approved.

:bulletblue: Folders below are only for ponies or Spike by themselves. No pets, if their are more then 2 they don't go in the individual folders.
*Twilight Sparkle Only
*Applejack Only
*Rarity Only
*Rainbow Dash Only
*Fluttershy Only
*Pinkie Pie Only (& Pinkamena)
*Spike Only

:bulletblue: Mane 6 and Spike Group Shots- 2 or more of the mane 6 and Spike group shots go here. For example: Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash go here. Spike and Rarity go here. All of the mane 6 and spike together go here.

:bulletblue: Mane 6 and Spike with Background Characters- Any of the mane 6 or spike with background characters go here. Example: Twilight Sparkle with Trixie go here. Fluttershy, Spike, and Big mac go here.

:bulletblue: The Princesses- Princess Cadance, Princess Luna, Nightmare Moon and Princess Celestia goes here. Example: Luna by herself. Luna and Celestia go here. If there are other characters with them they go in another folder.

:bulletblue: The Princesses with Canon Ponies- Any of the above listed princesses go here if they are accompanied with any canon pony from the show. Example: Cadance with Shining Armor.

:bulletblue: Cutie Mark Crusaders- Scootaloo, Sweetie Bell, and Applebloom go here if they are alone or together. Example: Applebloom alone. Sweetie bell, Applebloom and Scootaloo together go here. If any of these ponies are together with other canon ponies from the show they go in a different folder.

:bulletblue: Villains- Trixie, Discord, Chrysalis, or any other villains from the show. Only exception would be Nightmare Moon. She goes in the princess's folder.

:bulletblue: Background characters- Any background character from the show. Minor characters as well. Villains go in the Villains folder. Example: Derpy and Scootaloo. Derpy and Big Mac.

:bulletblue: Pets- Any pets from the show go here. With or without any official character. Example: Pinkie Pie and Gummy. Gummy alone.

:bulletblue: OC's- Any original characters go here. In groups or alone.

:bulletblue: OC's with Canon- Any OC character paired together with any canon character from the show. Example: An OC and Fluttershy. Two OC's and Big Mac.

:bulletblue: Backgrounds- All landscapes, scenery, and backgrounds go here.

:bulletblue: Comics- Comics go here. Any official character or OC's.

:bulletblue: FanFiction Literature- Any MLP Literature goes here. Poems, stories, etc.

:bulletblue: Crafts - Any type of artisan crafts.

:bulletblue: Stamps Icons Pixels- Any MLP stamps, icons, and pixels art goes here.

:bulletblue: Animation- Any type of animation goes here. Canon or OC.

:bulletblue: Generation 1 and 2 Ponies- Says it all. :)

:bulletblue: Generation 3 Ponies- Says it all. :)

:bulletblue: Misc- Anything that doesn't fit any of the above folders.


Gallery Folders

OC'S with Canon
FanFiction Literature
Stamps Icons Pixels
Generation 1 and 2 Ponies
Generation 3 Ponies
Equestria Girls and EQG OCs




Group Info

This group is where My Little Pony Fans can get together and share the same interests and art of My Little Pony.
Founded 2 Years ago
Jun 30, 2012


Group Focus
Art Collection

246 Members
220 Watchers
7,761 Pageviews
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I need more co founders to help with the voting process and moving of the submissions after they have been voted on. If anyone would like to be a co founder please comment below.
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